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Naturhotel Chesa Valisa
Gerbeweg 18
A-6992 oder D-87568 Hirschegg / Kleinwalsertal
Phone +43 5517 / 5 41 40



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Monday, 19.12.2016
16:15 bis 17:30 Yin Yoga
Wednesday, 21.12.2016
16:15 bis 17:30 Yin Yoga & Faszien-Training
20.30 bis 22.00 Österreichische Weinreise
Thursday, 22.12.2016
16.15 bis 17.30 Tai Chi & Qi Gong der 5 Elemente
18.30 bis 22.00 Live Musik mit dem Walser-Trio
Monday, 26.12.2016
16:15 bis 17:30 Yin Yoga

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Ayurvedic whole - body herbal oil massage. Harmonising, high quality oils with warming effect - attuned to the Dosha, decompression for mind, body and soul.

70 min. € 83,00


Abhyanga and Shirodhara

Royal Oil gush for the forehead with soothing head massage. Massage oils eliminate friction and disperse heat evenly through the entire body. Provides deep and contented relaxation. This treatment is followed by a whole body Abhyanga herbal oil massage.

90 min. € 123,00


 45 min. € 58,00


Ayurvedic head and face massage. Provides perfect relaxation and skin care, soothes and releases tensions. In Ayurveda the head is considered the „gate to heaven“. This massage includes an additional stimulating foot massage.

60 min. € 73,00


30 min. € 38,00 


Ayurvedic foot and leg massage. Stimulates and grounds the entire organism, makes you feel at ease and rejuvenated.

45 min. € 53,00


Special Ayurvedic back massage. Is addressed to the vital forces that lie in the pelvis. The Kundalini massage awakens the inner dormant energy that is often blocked (not to be applied during menstruation).

60 min. and 15 min. rest € 85,00

Koshta Abhyanga

Special Ayurvedic stomach massage. The area of the stomach represents the energy centre of our body. Important organs lie there which receive stimulation and sedation. This treatment also has a balancing effect on the mind and psyche. It relieves stress symptoms (e.g. restlessness and nervousness).

60 min. and 15 min. rest € 78,00

Sweda Lepa

Orange blossom splash in the hammock. To stimulate the senses and to set your mind at ease. SWEDA (Sweating) supports this treatment by purifying and removing body waste. 


30 min. € 35,00


 Silk glove massage, the Garshan therapy purges and stimulates the metabolism.


45 min. € 58,00



Massage with powder, an invigorating body peeling which stimulates the blood circulation and removes body waste. Reduces „Love handles" and cellulite. Highly recommendable in conjunction with  Jambira Pinda Sweda.


60 min. € 88,00


Jambira Pinda

Sweda Massage with herbal stamps filled with lemon, coconut, selected herbs and oils . Stimulates the cell regeneration and reduces fat and cellulite. Oils and herbal stamps will be handed out for application at home.


80 min. and 15 min. rest € 128,00


Our herbal oils are of the highest quality and based on traditional recipes. We assure that their origin is from strictly controlled regions in India. These selected ayurvedic herbal oils rejuvenate and purify the skin, have a long lasting positive effect on both your immune and lymphatic systems. They also support decomposition (e.g. exhaustion and nervousness), stimulate the senses and strengthen the body´s defences.