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Naturhotel Chesa Valisa
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Thursday, 25.06.2015
Rocky Mountain Days 2015
Saturday, 01.08.2015
Walser Trail Challenge
Thursday, 13.08.2015
20:00 PentAnemos Bläserquintett
Friday, 11.09.2015
Der Viehscheid im Allgäu und Kleinwalsertal - Viehscheidtermine

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MARIA´S Bio-Cosmetic Treatments - Perfect protection

Day 1: Facial care

. Bio-energetic advance treatment,

. Deep cleansing and scrub

. Facial massage

. Ointment-pack or smoothening and toning mask

. Manicure, hand scrub, warm honey-beeswax bath, hand massage,

  optional: nail polish                                  

Day 2: Bio-Cosmetics for the feet:

Alkaline whirlpool bath, herbal - oil body scrub with alpine salt and subsequent medical foot care. Seasonal body butter - foot massage or mountain pine-rosemary-gel foot massage 

Day 3: herbal-oil body scrub with alpine salt and wet pack,  body-butter flavour massage alternatively with rose, lavender, olive or lime aroma.


280 min. € 288,00


Well Vital

Hayflower footbath, foot massage with arnica creme, head massage with tincture of arnica, Comfort-Vital massage with arnica massage milk.


                                                                                       70 min. € 68,00

Silk and velvet

Body scrub and Body - soft - creme-pack (moisturising) . Facial mask 


30 + 45 min. € 83,00

Fit and Vital for Sportsmen

Day 1: Invigorating bath of selected alpine herbs with colour therapy and reflexololgy.                                                                                                       

                                                                                                    60 min.

Day 2: Sport-Vital pack in the hammock plus massage with oil of arnica and milk of alpine herbs.

                                                                                                    70 min.

€ 118,00

It´s a Man´s World

. Cold Mask - Facial treatment for men

. Full-Body sports massage and menthol/mint-oil rub-down

. Foot care with whirlpool bath and massage

3 x 60 min. € 153,00


MARIA´S Men Relax

An individually attuned facial treatment for visible improvement of the skin plus a stimulating foot massage.

                                                                                            90 min. € 83,00

MARIA´S Men Relax

Cooling and soothing Facial treatment (algae-herbal mix with clay), subsequent body-toning massage with menthol and rosemary.


60 + 30 min. € 88,00