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Naturhotel Chesa Valisa
Gerbeweg 18
A-6992 oder D-87568 Hirschegg / Kleinwalsertal
Phone +43 5517 / 5 41 40



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Dienstag9° C
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Sunday, 05.06.2016
Walser Genusstage 2016
Thursday, 09.06.2016
Bezirksmusikfest Riezlern: Zääma musiziira, feschta & fiira
Saturday, 11.06.2016
17.30 Lauf um den NiSo-See
Sunday, 12.06.2016
EM-Box - Public Viewing 2016
Saturday, 16.07.2016
10:30 Walser Sommerfest "20 Jahre Walser Rettung"
Thursday, 21.07.2016
18.00 Musikkapelle Petersthal e.V. Bezirksmusikfest

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Therapeutic massage

Back & legs

30 min. € 33,00

Therapeutical De Luxe full body treatment

A massage to loosen strained nerves and dissolve blockages. It generates the flow of your lymphatic system and provides an overall wholesome feeling  


45 min. € 53,00

60 min. € 65,00

Lymphatic Drainage

Gentle rotating movements stimulate the lymphatic system and enhance the removal of waste products. Lymphatic drainage also has a strengthening effect on the immune system.

30 min. € 35,00

45 min. € 53,00


The energy of life flows in certain channels within our body. These energy compounds have a direct influence on our bodily parts and organs.


30 min. € 35,00

45 min. € 48,00

Ear Candling

Hand-rolled ear candles are an established natural healing method. Combined with a facial - and head lymphatic drainage this treatment relieves and relaxes head, frontal sinus and ears.


40 min. € 45,00

At request and at an additional charge these treatments are also available with „Alpienne" products:


Arnica oil

St. John´s wort oil

Marmot oil or


Our therapists are pleased to give you individual advice.