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The Naturhotel helps people to help themselves

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One-dollar glasses

According to a World Health Organisation study, 158 million people suffer from shortsightedness. They often live on less than one US dollar a day and don’t have the money to buy a pair of glasses. As a result, children can’t follow their lessons in school, and adults can’t get skilled work to provide for their families. It’s a vicious circle.

Under the slogan “Clean water for clear sight”, we add a contribution of one Euro per day in return for the spring water we provide free of charge. This Euro is then donated to the organisation EinDollarBrille (OneDollarGlasses), which makes glasses in the poorest regions of the world.

October 2020 update: Thank you for the 7,500 pairs of glasses you’ve helped to buy!


Tourism school in Nepal

The Naturhotel Chesa Valisa is getting a new kitchen as part of a major refurbishment. The old kitchen is being sold, and because it’s a fundamental part of the Naturhotel Chesa Valisa Kessler family’s philosophy to do good in the world, the proceeds of the rebuild will be donated to a culinary training project in Nepal. Lohberger und Fichtel, the Chesa Valisa’s kitchen and refrigeration partner, think this is a great idea and are making generous contributions.


Girls’ ice hockey team in Ladakh

Sponsored the equipment for a high school ice hockey team in Leh/Ladakh. This link began when senior manager Klaus Kessler met the girls during a private motorcycle tour in the Himalaya.