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Winter Detox

6 6 6 6 6 6 6 nights

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6 6 6 6 6 6 6 nights

Winter Detox

Especially in the cold winter days it is important to do something good for your body. To get him back on track and get rid of the unnecessary substances in the body.

Organic enjoyment at a high level. Healthy alternatives such as our food combining menu and the large salad & raw food buffet help you to do without.

Available periods 01.03.2023 - 04.04.2023

from € 1,580,– p. P.


Included for you:
Purification, detoxification & firming with Pharmos Natur 245 min

Part 1: Detox Body Treatment I | 90 min
Your personal holistic body styling based on exclusive oils from particularly effective local plants and the unique aloe vera. An extraordinary purification treatment that activates the lymph, unblocks the whole body and visibly strengthens the connective tissue. Your skin shows its best side tight and well supplied with blood. Ease and joie de vivre you can touch! A 100% natural-organic Green Luxury care.

Part 2: Detox Face | 80 min
The cold winter air is a challenge for our skin. During the detox face treatment, the tissue is decongested and purged, the facial contours become taut and firm. An immediately visible rejuvenation effect is visible. We adapt the products for men's skin.

Part 3: Detox Body Treatment II | 75 min
Enjoy a relaxing massage with lymph activation. Then detoxify with a Rasul healing clay pack in the warm floating lounger.


  • BIO vital board
  • Use of the AlpinSPA with outdoor pool, saunas & steam bath
  • Active program with yoga
  • Season
  • Preis p. P. inkl. BIO-Vitalpension
  • Sommer/Winter
  • from € 1,580,–
  • Request

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