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“Beauty begins the moment
you decide to be yourself.”
Coco Chanel

Quality & care

Our organic beauty products

In line with our commitment to the highest quality and care standards in our approach to humankind and nature, we work with products by MARÌAS organic cosmetics and PHARMOS NATUR.

So our treatments are also part of our holistic philosophy. The products are free from alcohol, citric acid, parabens, preservatives and water. They are certified organic by EcoControl, which means they are vegan and suitable for allergy sufferers.

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Quality & care

Vegan luxury

All Pharmos Natur Green Luxury products are made from a superb, integrated network of 100% active plant-based ingredients. Their skin products are based on pure organic aloe vera juice (from mixed crops), rather than the chemically treated water that is normally used in beauty products.
The products are free from alcohol, citric acid, parabens, preservatives and water. Certified as organic by ECOControl, vegan, and suitable for allergy sufferers.


Experience the purity of nature on your skin!

The special thing about this line is that instead of water, PHARMOS NATUR natural cosmetics only use 100 % pure, hand-picked, aloin-free Aloe Vera gel that is rich in active ingredients. The gel’s extraordinary viscosity and unique repair complex ensure that it is absorbed fully into the skin. So all the active ingredients in the selected therapeutic and rejuvenating plant extracts can “piggyback” on it and are transported to the lower layers of the skin. Precisely where they’re needed.

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Premium Products

MARÍAS by Pieper Biokosmetik Manufaktur

MARIÁS by Pieper Biokosmetik Manufaktur stands for outstanding quality organic products. They ensure they use the best ingredients and gentle processes. It goes without saying that they only use natural ingredients.

Organic Cosmetics Pioneer from Styria

Maria Pieper & her natural cosmetics

The Pieper organic cosmetics brand MARÌAS Organic Care sees itself as a creative workshop for organic skincare products. Rather than being a business idea, it arose out of conviction and a life plan that still holds true today and is being lived out by a third generation. And now green living is a worldwide topic. Living holistically, safeguarding the environment, buying fairly traded products – all these things are as important to many people today as healthy eating and sustainable tourism.

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