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With or without rock salt exfoliation

Alpine Wellness for the body

We offer our body wraps with or without rock salt exfoliation. Salt locks moisture into your skin, thus increasing its elasticity. Skin is cleaned gently and thoroughly, promoting circulation. Cells’ metabolism is stimulated and the skin feels soft, supple and plump.

Alpine Wellness

Soothing body wraps

Wild rose wrap (30 Min.)

This luxury treatment revitalises, firms the skin, stimulates the metabolism, and strengthens body tissue. Relaxation for mind and body. Wild rosehip oil regenerates and protects against premature ageing.

30 min. € 43,-

Cinnamon/coconut/vanilla wrap (30 Min.)

A special nurturing experience for your skin and your senses.
A body peel of fine sugar crystals from local organic beet cleans down to the pores, coconut flour nourishes, cassia cinnamon and real bourbon vanilla make your skin velvety soft.

30 min. € 43,-

Clay wrap (30 Min.)

Promotes circulation, stimulates lymphatic flow, relieves tension, alkaline and anti-inflammatory
Alkaline detox & relaxation wrap, stimulates the metabolism.

30 min. € 43,-

Anti-cellulite wrap (30 Min.)

Natural rock salt, safflower oil, honey, ground orange and lemon peel, ivy, rosemary and ginger create a potent salt scrub that activates the deepest layers of the skin and tightens connective tissue.

30 min. € 43,-

Healing Rasul clay wrap (30 Min.)

A treatment that promotes purification and detoxification.

30 min. € 48,-

Alkaline relaxation pack (25 Min.)

Relaxing Dorn/Breuss alkaline float bed wrap

Especially recommended after back treatments.Rebalancing effect that de-acidifies
stressed bodies.

25 min. € 33,-

Classic thermal wrap (25 Min.)

With salt slick, mud, or healing Rügen clay
Soft, pressure-free wrap loungers for deep relaxation and an enhanced therapeutic effect.

25 min. € 33,-

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