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Relaxation in the Naturhotel

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Treatments for wellbeing

Our wellness treatments at the Naturhotel

Our AlpinSpa provides relaxing treatments for the whole body. We give your muscles a break. Select one of our many treatments and let yourself be pampered from head to foot!

The harmonic interplay of body & mind.

Ayurveda treatments

The focus of Ayurveda “the teaching of life” is the harmonious interplay of the three vital energies: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Every person has a certain Dosha constellation from birth, which regulates their own body and can also change.
Our recommendation:
A personal conversation with our Ayurveda doctor to determine your constitution and pulse diagnosis, including advice on nutrition and applications.
30 min. € 45, –

The high-quality oils we use pamper and rejuvenate the skin, have a positive effect on the lymphatic and immune systems, help with exhaustion and nervousness and strengthen the body’s defenses.

Massages & Body treatments


Abhyanga (60 min.)

Ayurvedic full body massage with herb oil

Harmonising with warming high-quality oils – tailored to
your dosha. Relaxation for body, mind and soul.

60 min. € 105,-

Upanahasveda (45 min.)

Ayurvedic back massage

How important is it to live an “upstanding” life? Strengthens the back to reinvigorate your spine. Promotes circulation and mobility, tightens body tissues. We feel more relaxed and stand straighter.

45 min. € 83,-

Mukabhyanga (45 min.)

Ayurvedic head and face massage

Promotes relaxation and nourishes the skin, calms and relieves tension. In Ayurveda, the head is considered the “gate to heaven”. This massage also includes a stimulating foot massage.

45 min. € 83,-

Hathabhyanga (30 min.)

Ayurvedic arm and hand massage
Hand– treatment– giving – receiving
Hand massage refreshes the whole body, and has a relaxing and rebalancing effect on the autonomic nervous system.

30 min. € 58,-

Kundalini (60 min. and 15 min. rest)

Specialist Ayurvedic back massage

This refers to the life force originating in the pelvis. Kundalini massage releases the energy from within us that is so often blocked. (Not suitable for menstruating women).

60 min. and 15 min. rest € 115,-

Abhyanga und Shirodhara (90 min.)

Sumptuous forehead oil stream and gentle head massage

Creates deep, satisfying relaxation. The oil stream is followed by an Abhyanga herb oil massage.

90 min. € 163,-

Koshta Abhyanga (60 min. and 15 min. rest)

Specialist Ayurvedic stomach massage

The abdomen, situated at the core of our bodies, is our energy centre. Many key organs are situated here and can be stimulated / calmed by this treatment. This specialised stomach massage has a balancing effect on the psyche, relieving symptoms of stress such as restlessness and anxiety.

60 min. and 15 min. rest € 118,-

Padabhyanga (45 min.)

Ayurvedic foot and leg massage

stimulates and earths the whole organism, allows you to let go of everything

45 min. € 83,-

Samvahana, Traditional from woman to woman (120 min.)

Silk cloths, brushes, feathers, oil massage, peel, washing.

The body is pampered with fragrant essences, silk cloths, and firm and softer brushes. Followed by a massage with selected oils, completed with a peel and washing.

120 min. € 175,-

Sweda Lepa (30 min.)

Orange blossom bath on a float bed for a sense of wellbeing that relaxes the sense. SEWDA (sweating) is purifying and detoxifying and enhances the effects of your treatment.

30 min. € 53,- 


Langhana Therapie

Garshan (45 min.)

Massage with raw silk gloves

Garshan is a cleansing treatment that stimulates the metabolism.

Ayurvedic Garshan massages are carried out using raw silk gloves. This unique dry massage stimulates the metabolism and circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage. It boosts the circulation by encouraging the removal of metabolic waste from body tissue. The skin is gently polished and electrostatic charge is balanced. Gentle removal of dry skin increases the absorption of nourishing lotions and oils.

Garshan gloves are made from unbleached, chemical-free natural silk and are therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. The raw silk gloves used in the treatments can be taken away to use at home.

Also helps prevent and reduce cellulite.

45 min. € 85,-

Udvartana (60 min.)

Powder massage
An invigorating body peel that stimulates the circulation and removes toxins. Fat deposits and cellulite are reduced. Highly recommended in alternation with Jambira Pinda Sweda.

60 min. € 118,-

Jambira Pinda Sweda (80 min. und 15 min. rest)

Massage with pouches filled with herbs, lemon, coconut, special spices and oils
Stimulates cell renewal and reduces fat and cellulite. The herb pouches and oil are taken away to use at home

80 min. and 15 min. rest € 163,-

Alpin Wellness

Therapeutic treatments

Therapeutic targeted massage (30 min.)

Back or legs

30 min. € 53,-

Therapeutic luxury whole body treatment (45 / 60 min.)

Massage loosens nervous tension, removes blockages and relieves tension.

45 min. € 73,-
60 min. € 88,-

Lymphatic drainage (30 / 45 min.)

Gentle circular movements on the skin stimulate the lymphatic system and increase removal of toxins. Lymphatic drainage plays an important role in
stimulating/activating immune defence..

30 min. € 58,-
45 min. € 73,-

Reflexology (30 / 45 min.)

Our life force flows along specific paths in our body. Organs and parts of the body can also be influenced by these connections.

30 min. € 53,-
45 min. € 73,-

Ear candles (40 min.)

Hand-turned ear candles are a tried and tested natural remedy. They are combined here with facial lymphatic drainage, ensuring this treatment liberates and relaxes head, sinuses and ears

40 min. € 65,-

Indulgent anti-stress massage (30 / 45 min.)

The back or the whole body is massaged, stretched and smoothed with warm aromatic oil. Regenerating and deeply relaxing, this treatment restores your vitality

50 min. € 83,-
80 min. € 123,-
110 min. € 158,-

New: Energetic Full Body Treatment (90 min. / 120 min.)

Activation of the energy pathways
Our physiotherapist Lorena combines the knowledge from physiotherapy with the holistic discharge and activation of the energy pathways. She frees the meridians and recognizes deep-seated patterns, which are traced and dissolved through powerful massage techniques.

Lorena is looking forward to a preliminary discussion to explain the treatment to you in more detail.

Your holistic reboot for body, mind, and soul.

90 min. € 130,-
120 min. € 185,-

Just for you!

Ayurveda pampering packages

Ayurveda-Pamper-Week (375 min.)

Constitution and pulse evaluation | 30 min.
part 1: Abhyanga full body massage with oil | 60 min.
part 2: Mukabhyanga ayurvedic face, head and shoulder massage | 45 min.
part 3: Garshan, ayurvedic full body massage with raw silk gloves | 45 min.
part 4: Koshta Abhyanga ayurvedic stomach massage| 60 min & 15 min. rest
part 5: Shirodhara forehead oil stream to reduce stress and Sweda Lepa | 90 min. + 30 min.

Total price: 375 min. € 755,- 

Ayurveda-Pamper-Days (240 min.)

Constitution and pulse evaluation | 30 min.
part 1: Mukabhyanga ayurvedic face, head and shoulder massage | 45 min.
part 2: Garshan, ayurvedic full body massage with raw silk gloves | 45 min.
part 3: Shirodhara forehead oil stream to reduce stress and Sweda Lepa | 90 min. + 30 min.

Total price: 240 min. € 430,- 

Ayurveda-Taster (165 min.)

part 1: Garshan, ayurvedic full body massage with raw silk gloves | 45 min.
part 2: Abhyanga full body massage with oil and Shirodhara forehead oil stream to reduce stress and Sweda Lepa  | 90 min. + 30 min

Total price: 165 min. € 300,- 


For the sake of your back …

Back activity days

Part 1: Reflexology massage targeting the back 30 min
Part 2: Dorn/Breuss regernerative back treatment and alkaline wrap in float bed 90 min

Total price: 120 min. € 180.-

Breuss spinal massage (30 min.)

Gentle massage to relieve pressure on the discs. Traditionally with St John’s Wort oil.

30 min. € 58,-

Dorn / Breuss regenerative back treatment (60 min.)

Holistic static control to correct spinal misalignment. Removes blockages and relaxes muscles.

60 min. € 93,-

Luxury back care package (90 min.)

Breuss spinal massage, Dorn spinal regeneration, alkaline wrap in float bed and passive mobility

90 min. € 130.-

For kids and youngsters: ( 30 min.)

Relaxing massage
Gentle soothing massage for our younger guests. With the calming active ingredients of honey and vanilla.

30 min. € 48,-

Alpine treatments

Wellness & body­massages

Relaxing Body Butter massage (30 / 45 min. )

Nourishment for the skin! Indulgence for the soul! A feast for the sense. Body butter makes your skin soft and supple: the finest pampering, including for irritated or very dry skin. You choose from fragrances like:
rose, lavender, lime, coconut/vanilla, mango / sea buckthorn.

30 min. € 55,-
45 min. € 68,-

Body Fit Massage (50 min.)

Gain renewed energy and vigour with a full body massage to release the muscles.
Followed by application of Body Fit Gel.

50 min. € 83,-

Velvet and silk (25 + 30 + 30 min.)

Peel, Wrap & Massage: an experience for the whole body

Sugar or salt peel, wrap with cinnamon, coconut and vanilla (rose or lavender also available). Followed by body butter massage (rose, lavender, sea buckthorn, lemon or Alpine herbs).

25 + 30 + 30 min. € 128,-

Nature of men (60 min. / 90 min.)

Alpine wellness package >>for him<<

Experience the power of nature. ACRED PLANTS

Has an immediate visible and tangible effect on the skin and your whole attitude to life. Helps cell reneal, regenerating and invigorating. The highlight is the use of special aloe vera leaves freh from the plant. Firms and tighten skin. Perfect care. Also highly suited to senstive skin.

60 min. € 85.-
90 min.€ 115.-

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Pharmos Natur

Applications at a glance

Detox Body (50 min. / 80 min. / 110 min.)

Detoxifying treatment for the whole body with precious medicinal plants in combination with pure organic aloe vera. This treatment detoxifies and unblocks the lymph passages, strengthens and stabilises connective tissue, stimulates the metabolism, alleviates cellulite. The ideal companion for all fasting and cleansing therapies.

50 min. € 83,00
80 min. € 123,00
110 min. € 153,00

Relax & Move (50 min. / 80 min. / 110 min.)

This warming and cleansing massage releases tension, invigorates muscles and joints
and promotes circulation. Especially suitable for sportspeople, people who enjoy being active, muscle and joint pain.

50 min. € 83,00
80 min. € 123,00
110 min. € 153,00

Detox Face (50 Min. / 80 Min. / 110 Min.)

Detoxifying, tissue-cleansing treatment. Activates the skin’s metabolism, strengthens connective tissue and detoxifies. The result is clear, toned skin, defined contours and reduced veins. Ideal for couperose, blemished skin, eye area and to accompany fasting and cleansing therapies.

50 min. € 88,00
80 min. € 120,00
110 min. € 150,00

Skin balance (50 min. / 80 min. / 110 min.)

Balancing and regenerating treatment for skin with blemishes or large pores or for anyone looking for a deep cleanse. Focused on deep cleansing. Sustainable, nourishing active plant ingredients provide intensive clarification and refining for the skin.

50 min. € 85,00
80 min. € 118,00
110 min. € 148,00

Love Your Age Power Treatment (50 min. / 80 min. / 110 min.)

Efficient rejuvenating agents firm the skin and reactivate skin renewal. Powerful sources of collagen such as hazel, cranberry, moringa and griffonia improve the skin’s texture, plump it up and bring you joy! Wrinkles are visibly reduced.
Full, healthy, even and beautiful, your skin will be revealed in all its glory.

50 min. € 88,00
80 min. € 120,00
110 min. € 150,00

Intensive moisturising and refreshing treatment (50 min. / 80 min. / 110 min.)

The treatment is focused on a moisturising massage and the use of freshly harvestsed aloe vera plant gel. Suitable for dry skin and as an after sun treatment.

50 min. € 85,00
80 min. € 118,00
110 min. € 148,00

MARÍAS Biokosmetik

Applications at a glance

Hand care (60 min.)

Well-groomed hands act as your business card. Careful manicure, a peel, a hand mask and an intensive hand and arm massage help you relax and make your hands look neat and beautiful.

60 min. € 78,-


Pedicure (60 min.)

Time out for your feet. Revitalise them with and alkaline foot bath, an Alpine herbs peel, a nail treatment, a foot and leg massage with cooling Body Fit Gel and a body butter massage.

60 min. € 83,-


Individual treatments for hands / feet

Lacquer hands and feet 15 min. € 20, –

French painting 15 min. € 25, –

Manicure & pedicure in one package

Manicure with hand massage
Foot care with

  • alkaline foot bath, massage 90 min. € 115, –
  • with varnish 100 min. € 120, –
  • with French varnish 105 min. € 125, –
Eyebrows, eyelashes and waxing

Shaping eyebrows € 25, –

Tint eyebrows or eyelashes € 20, –

Depilation with warm wax € 45.- to € 75.-

Alpine Wellness

Offers at a glance

Ayurveda Ölguss

from € 1419.- p.P.

Ayurveda Time-Out
6 6 6 6 6 6 6 nights

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Dr. Dinu bei Ayurvedischer Bauchmassage Direktaufnahme

from € 796.- p.P.

Ayurveda Trial Days
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 nights

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Kräutermassage Ayurveda

from € 4120.- p.P.

Panchakarma Treatment
14 14 14 14 14 14 14 nights

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lachende Gruppe beim Yoga im Naturhotel

from € 761.- p.P.

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 nights

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from € 993.- p.P.

Tension and relaxation
5 5 5 5 5 5 5 nights

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Babymoon Auszeit in der Schwebeliege

from € 887.- p.P.

4 4 4 4 4 4 4 nights

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Kaiserschmarren Naturhotel Chesa Valisa Kulinarik Essen

from € 638.- p.P.

Hot’n’ cold days for true connoisseurs
3 3 3 3 3 3 3 nights

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