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Winter active time out

4 4 4 4 4 4 4 nights

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4 4 4 4 4 4 4 nights

Winter active time out

Experience pure winter pleasure while ski touring or on a snowshoe tour. Always accompanied by the professional guides of the Kleinwalsertal Mountain School.

from € 970,– p. P.

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Services included:

  • 4 nights
  • Including 3/4 organic vital board
  • Day ski tour with the Kleinwalsertal mountain school (approx. 5 hours)
    • Only takes place with a minimum of 4 participants. If it does not take place, you will be credited with the money value.
  • Ski touring equipment: Touring skis with skins (pin bindings), touring boots and avalanche transceiver
  • Guided snowshoe tour (Tue)
  • Body fit massage (50 min.)
  • Active program with yoga
  • Use of the AlpinSPA with outdoor pool, saunas & steam bath


What services are included in the room rate?

– The room with the 3/4 organic vitality* board is included
– Applications and activities as listed in the package
– Activity programme such as yoga, bike tour, hiking tour or an a snowshoe tour in winter
– Walserbus in summer and winter
– Mountain railways (Kleinwalsertal/Oberstdorf) in summer
– On the day of departure you may use the AlpinSPA as well as the salad and raw food buffet at lunchtime

* for the Panchakarma cure and the Ayurveda detox cure, the dishes are individually adapted to the cure

How is the hotel open?

Summer 24: Open from May 18, 2024 to November 03, 2024
Winter 24/25: Open from December 12, 2024 to March 16, 2025

Can I come earlier? When will the room be ready?

Check-In until 15:00 (day of arrival)
Would you like to check into your room earlier? Book the early check-in for €80 per room. Your room will then be ready for you from 12:00.

Check-Out by 10.30 am (day of departure)
Are you a late riser and would like to stay longer in your room on your day of departure? Book the late check-out for €80 per room. Your room will then be ready for you until 13:00.

I have booked an Ayurveda package. Do I still have to book my treatments?

The Ayurveda treatments included in the package are booked by the reception team. You will receive a detailed schedule at check-in. If you would like to book further treatments, you can do so in advance by telephone on +43 5517 5414 or at reception.

Are the different parts of the building connected. How do you get to the restaurant or SPA?

Main House: The restaurant and bar are located here
House Chesa: The AlpinSPA and the yoga rooms are located. The main house and house Chesa are connected to each other.
Chalet: The chalet is detached and not connected to the main house or house Chesa. Changing rooms are available in the AlpinSPA.

How do you get from the chalet to the main building?

From the chalet to the main house or house Chesa you can access the garden and the sun terrace.

Do I have to book my appointments (treatments) in advance?

We are very happy to receive bookings in advance. We are better able to take into account the planning and desired treatment times.

Why can't you tell me the exact times of my treatments yet?

We can only provide you with the exact schedule with the booked appointments at check-in. Unfortunately, unplanned events such as illness can occur in the SPA team, which means that earlier treatment plans are not always expedient. Our experience has shown that it is therefore better to finalise the plan on site.

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