Our main building was built over 500 years ago in 1507 (Columbus was on his way to his 3rd journey to America). Over centuries this wooden house was sort of "knitted together" , however, its core still retains the charm and the tradition of a vintage "Walser Haus" Karolina Schuster was one of the pioneers in tourism back in the early 30ies of the last century, she gradually turned the old farm house into a „Pension" (the „Pension Schuster"). After WW2 Max und Tilli Kessler (née Schuster)  established a "Gasthof", which soon became very popular both among guests and natives alike. Klaus und Sieglinde Kessler took over in  1985 and with an entrepreneur´s vision and distinct philosophy they developed and created  the present „Naturhotel" CHESA VALISA. ****

Sieglinde & Klaus Kessler

The Philosophy

The concept of the „Naturhotel"

Our intention is to prove that both ecomomical and ecological visions do not necessarily exclude one another, but can enjoy a happy coexistence. For our understanding ecology has less to do with asceticism and curtailment in one´s comfortable way of life, but more with a distinctive consciousness towards life and a wholesome attitude towards the things we like to enjoy and relish.

Our concept of a nature hotel is based on four principles:
1. Maintaining unspoilt nature around our hotel
2. Healthy living
3. Informed approach to eating
4. Programmes designed to increase vitality, fitness and health.